Why is stress a major cause of afib?

4 Nov

Why is stress a major cause of afib?

Stress is linked to so many things, and therefore, is a major cause of afib. Stress is the double whammy of afib.
Stress alone triggers afib and stress also triggers certain responses by human beings.

What are things people do when they are stressed?
They drink alcohol.
They smoke cigarettes.
They don't sleep well.
They are not relaxed.
They release adrenalin and cortisol.
They over-eat.
They skip exercising.
They reach for chocolate and sweets.
The list goes on of unhealthy, heart-polluting activities........

As mentioned, the problem is - stress alone can trigger afib. The bigger problem is that most of the things people do when they are stressed also cause and trigger afib. Alcohol - causes afib. Cigarettes and nicotine cause afib. Poor sleep habits and sleep apnea cause afib. Being uptight and not relaxed can trigger afib. Overeating causes major health issues that cause afib. Not exercising and leading a sedentary lifestyle causes afib.

Afib is often the result of many poor life choices, which on their own result in poor heart health. When you couple the stress we face in our lives with the fact that as we age - we are more likely to get afib, is there any wonder why almost 35 million people in the world have afib?

I think stress is the biggest cause and trigger of afib. Stress is the double whammy since it causes afib on it's own. And the result of stress is poor choices which over time also usually result in a heart that beats abnormally, rapidly, and irregularly.

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