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uop loan discharge program

22 Dec

uop loan discharge program

My guess is that you’re in the wrong spot, or missing something. but also this Devos is satan. What are your thoughts regarding loan repayment and/or consolidation in the situation where someone wants to file a Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment application, but had taken out FFEL loans rather than Direct loans to attend UoP? I googled the subject and found you. I am stuck with this debt that will take a lifetime to pay off. As you can imagine, it takes many hours of research and writing to produce a post like this, and I can only continue to dedicate my time to this site if more people visit. In March 2008, Price filed a "False Certification (Ability to Benefit) Loan Discharge Application" in an effort to get her loans discharged. The fact that they told you you would make $50k – $80k is definitely what you should focus on. ITT Tech Lawsuit Update: How to Benefit from Debt Relief Options? I don’t think you need specific documentation of the job placement rate, but I’d look for ads, email copy, anything you can find that may speak to that point. I finished the program in 2009 for my AA in accounting. If my total debt is about to be relieved by reason of mental disability and being on ssdi can I still get back the overpayment relief. Even if you can’t take advantage of the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program, or the UOP forgiveness benefits that have been approved to date, the good news is that there are all sorts of existing benefits programs available to people with Federal student debt. Over the past decade, millions of Americans have fallen pretty to UOP’s excellent advertising campaigns and signed up for their higher education courses, burying themselves in massive student loan debt, but that’s all about to change now thanks to a massive lawsuit against UOP’s parent company, the Apollo Education Group. Both my husband and I got our AA from uofp in 2013. My question is on the disbursements that were supposed to come back to the students. I know you didn’t, and I’m not going to help you unless you do. Luckily, you have the chance to get a forgiveness benefit and a refund as well. I have a quick question pertaining to my specific situation. Right?? For Help with Federal Student Loans, check out my Guides on: And if you’ve got private student loans, while the bad news is that there’s way less assistance available than for borrowers with Federal debt, there are SOME programs on offer that MAY help. TY. Also, take a spin through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Keep in mind that in your Borrower’s Defense application, you’re going to need to make this argument extremely clearly. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Thank you so much for providing this valuable information. My highschool was not valid, my entrance counselor told me to appeal since I had already completed credits. I click the (Yes) and submit. I did not need a MAED in secondary teaching for English certificate or MAED in that content, and I especially didn’t need a MAED in Curriculum and Instruction. They have yet to prove any debt. University of Phoenix Loan Forgiveness Their cash-paying plans allow you to buy one course at a time instead of an whole semester or year directly . In 2019, many students can be qualified for the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness. Yeah, so your loans are automatically put into forbearance the minute DOE receives your BDAR application. The guidelines are stringent, but the rewards are significant. Many Americans who get overwhelmed by student loan debt are told student debt can't be erased through bankruptcy. once I found out they were cheating people. I was told if I signed up for the Criminal Justice Bachelor’s program in 2013 that I would be getting a special rate of only having to pay for an Associates Degree. The counselors are there to guide us so I followed his instruction. When you file your Borrower’s Defense claim, you need to make it very clear that you’re suggesting the Department of Education provide forgiveness benefits for your University of Phoenix loans because they were only taken out in the first place thanks to the school’s illegal activity. I’m about to complete my husband’s loan discharge paperwork and would appreciate a template of a case that’s been successful in order to structure my arguments effectively. Now when the people that have been lied to, deceived and essentially RAPED get forgiveness of the loans they have been scraping to pay on for 10 years. If you are among the deceived victims of any school, there is an opportunity for you to get, The University of Phoenix is accused of many. both the students and the federal government. God bless you for this information. I racked up $95K in student loans. I’d like to know if there’s a class action? If you did not benefit from the University of Phoenix class-action lawsuit, you still have some options to reduce the debt burden. Read through the options below to see which one of these things University of Phoenix is accused of doing fits best with your specific situation, and then use that as your argument for why you deserve a discharge in your application. Make sure you read my ENTIRE POST so that you can see the examples of the types of things that help. Tim, Also, how can we be sure you are legitimate? After the class action lawsuit, the university agreed to discharge the student loans for the borrowers who qualify for the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness. Needless to say I am still in law enforcement as I cannot use my UOP degree anywhere and even the most basic account jobs I applied for I do not even get an interview opportunity. Yes, and it’s unfortunate, because it’s the one huge downside to the Borrower’s Defense process. Its shameful for these schools to prey on the impoverished who are only trying to achieve a better life. I think if you can prove that someone told you you were only supposed to be charged as much as an Associate’s Degree, then you may have a case here. I was very taken in by all this talk and all the talk about how well respected and developed their psychology program was for those seriously interested in the field. Insisted he prefered face to face communication to be sure he’s being understood. We have 80k between the two of us and he now has to start all over! I didn’t take out loans but paid cash for my entire degree. The other details I outline below are just here to make sure everyone is aware of all the shady activity the school is accused of committing, and to help provide you with background information regarding why it’s even possible to get your loans discharged in the first place. Maybe see if you can force your servicer to look into this on your behalf. When I tried to dispute them I was told they had an “electronic signature”. The FTC accused the university of "giving the false impression that UOP worked with those ... students would need to apply for loan forgiveness through the borrower defense repayment program. Those are the sorts of things that definitely qualify you for a BDAR discharge. I’m pretty sure that I will pay them off, but shady and wanted to get if off my chest. I’m going to fight with everything I got which includes reaching out to the Student Loan Ombudsman Group as per your suggestion. That’s the kind of stuff that works for BDAR. No one needs that many.” I am going to apply for the student loan discharge. As the Department of Education announced, borrowers may get partial loan forgiveness, depending on their income. The lawsuit charged the UOP, claiming delusive recruiting methods, misrepresenting the income and job replacement rates. It even says on my loans congress sets the interest rates! If it is determined that additional information is needed, we will reach out to request that information from you then. I called my financial counselor and he said the the dates were still wrong and we didn’t get it filed in time. Many people have reported waiting over two years to hear back on their BDAR applications. Yeah, that promise of 90%+ graduation rate is pretty close to the line of what’s allowed, and may be enough to qualify you for a discharge. I was one semester away from finishing and my financial counselor conveniently overlooked an important document that I was supposed to sign electronically. I would definitely include that! (for example, under a closed school discharge or false certification discharge from the U.S. Department of Education)? Some certificate programs from the University of Phoenix even offer students the chance to earn college credits. The lawsuit charged the UOP, as it used delusive recruiting methods, misrepresenting the income and job replacement rates. I have to admit, I am very skeptical about all of this due to the scams you referred to in your article but I have got to do something. The FTC called it the largest ever obtained against a for-profit school. Get your payment quote today! Are there any options for me to seek a refund due to those same claims that were make erroneously to me; however, I simply handled my finances in a different manner? Lots of good information, thank you! Very interested in your take. In the. Long story short, my MBA from UOP is useless and would have never attended have I known the truth. If you want to benefit from the Borrowers’ Defense, the most important factor is proving the school’s misconduct. Don’t have any docs from previous attendance, can anyone direct me to actual old school ads, etc? Thanks for all of the information! You can plug in any domain on the web and look at old versions of their website. I paid off all of my tuition fees and loans. I think you have a clear case of wrongdoing here. He sent it to me and said he got me a 10 day grace period. When I attended Kaplan, I failed one class, but did not need to pay anything extra in, my student loans took care of this. Joe Biden’s Student Loan Plan: What can Change in 2021? To apply Borrower Defense to Repayment, you need to prove with facts that the University of Phoenix misled or defrauded you. It’s estimated that all of UOP’s illegal behavior cost the U.S. Government (meaning taxpayers like me and you) billions of dollars a year, so don’t feel bad for UOP or the Apollo Education Group, because these two are bad actors who deserve to be punished, that is, if they’re found guilty of actually committing all these crimes. I should have proofread. Sounds like a pretty typical story from around this time period – the early 2000’s and into the mid 2010’s was a time where for-profit schools ran wild with all sorts of illegal and fraudulent activity. Three months later and nothing, except a charge off on my credit from UOP for nonpayment of an unsecured loan. Imagine the debt then. If you stop paying your loans before they’ve been discharged, you may screw up your eligibility for the Borrower’s Defense process, and end up never getting to discharge your debt. I was shocked when it showed up on my credit report. So true, this did take a lot of our time, time away from family, and there is no way of getting the time back. I would certainly try to use this in your BDAR application. For now, let’s just all be aware that this is a controversial program, and one that could disappear at any time. Non-profit Student Loan Forgiveness and What to Expect in 2021? I attended UOP for both undergrad and grad from 2009 to 2015. Have you come across this situation? Are you scared i may seek to qualify for relief after you bilked me out of thousands of dollars? The really good news is that if your application is approved, your entire University of Phoenix loan will be forgiven, and you may even qualify for a refund for any amount of money that you have already paid to the school or their parent company, the Apollo Education Group. If you could find those details, you’d have a solid shot at a BDAR discharge. As the Department of Education announced, borrowers may get partial loan forgiveness, depending on their income. Thanks, again! This is so hard to deal with since this hangs over my head all the time and I am not able to pay it off. They still claimed I owed $1140 on the failed class, (which was already covered under the loan. All of this is obviously highly illegal, not to mention totally immoral, which is part of the reason why I think anyone who’s attended the school should pursue a Borrower’s Defense Discharge. The promise of finding a job within 3 months after graduating is good too, so be sure to include that as well. 2011-2015 was when he attended. And I can tell you that UOP does not pay their part-time, intermittent, marginalized faculty diddly-squat (so they don’t get much of the borrowed money). Unbeknownst to me the counselor conviced him to just let him fill out the loan paperwork for federal student loans for us and my husband just had to “stop in and sign the papers”. You clicked the wrong link. So naturally, I was sold. Join the conversation by posting a comment. I would pursue a BDAR discharge if I were you. One of the worst allegations made against the school is that the Whistleblower claims to have told school authorities that he or she was considering informing the Government about the school’s illegal actions, and that immediately afterwards all University of Phoenix employees were told to power down their computers for “routine maintenance”. My loan is through Great Lakes. I am now $70,000 in debt with student loans I would never have taken out had I known even half of what I do now. They offer free legal advice for student loan-related issues like this. However, UOP is not listed in the qualifying schools. You can also try looking at the Internet Archive’s old copies of the UoP website to see if it was listed anywhere on their site, perhaps in marketing copy or sales copy, and that would be perfect as evidence. Thanks for coming back to let me know it helped and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! We have no emails besides “would you like to come in to discuss things”. I failed to get placement or any kind of job in my field. As a for-profit school, the University of Phoenix is being sued for violation of the contract and the contractual relations, taking the advantages of many low-class citizens, false advertisements, providing false information to the government about student aid statistics. These guys are experts at consolidation, refinancing, and basically fixing student loan debt problems. In conclusion, receiving student loan forgiveness is possible considering all situations with the University of Phoenix lawsuit and student loan crisis. It was so long ago now, but I do remember that the job placement and graduation rates were good. It’s worth spending an hour or two on this because it’ll really help your case! This did take up 3 full years of my life and many nights of not sleeping. Hey Tim: I was told by their staff that I would be able to get a job immediately after graduating. About a week after applying, my loan went into Admin Forbearance and didn’t know if it was related to the request. No, I do not want my federal loans to be placed in forbearance while my loan discharge claim is reviewed. I appreciate your response. Yes, absolutely. I decided to go to UOP for Psychology. There is no option to manually add UOP. Told i could get a license as a social worker. Direct Loans are a subset of Federal loans, so if you have a Direct loan, then you’ll qualify. If you are one of the University of Phoenix students who are suffering to pay the financial aid student loans back, you may be eligible to get a discharge through Borrower Defense to Repayment. Call them at 1-877-317-0455. That claim definitely sounds like the sort of thing that would qualify you for a BDAR Discharge. If you’ve got any tax troubles, please visit my new site, where I cover complicated tax-related topics like Negotiating an IRS Settlement, applying for the IRS Fresh Start Program, qualifying for IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness and even avoiding IRS Phone Scams. I never asked about more loans or never signed any paper work for any other loans. Any school who violates the law with some kind of illegal activity like false promises or fake advertising can be attacked via Borrower’s Defense. I would highly recommend filing a BDAR application and focusing on the claims made about graduation and job placement rates. My advisor put me in contact with an ADA Advisor which after talking to him just infuriated me even more. I had the same issue contacting UOP when I wanted to get an official copy of my transcripts. Their promise of “career path” growth is open-ended… not really specific enough to be a “lie” or “fraud”. Can borrowers whose applications are granted be repaid for loan amounts that were repaid on FFEL loans prior to application? I appreciate all your comments for all of us in this situation. It did have a student teaching practicum and lead to my teaching certificate but only in 4-12 English, which means my marketability was only to be a general education high school English teacher. They said they sent back my student aid to the feds and yet UOP still charged me for the courses I NEVER even attended!!! Is this true? I think you should pursue a BDAR discharge if you have a good story that sounds like it’ll work. Today I still owe 4 more years on my loans! That was 8 years ago and said I needed to contact Resolution Asset Services to deal with the issue. Any advice? Called UOP explained the situation and I was taken out of school temporarily, they refused to do a permanent withdrawal. Additionally, pre-paying tuition will promise that your rate won’t increase for the amount of your program. Navient talked me through at least 3 forebearance periods! They are a group of attorneys who are backed by the Federal Government and who are authorized to provide legal advice on student loan-related issues. What really matters to you and to your Borrower’s Defense Application is that the University of Phoenix has been accused of inflating their advertised graduation rates and job placement statistics, which is a form of false advertising, and could definitely be used as a reason for why your loan should be forgiven. Thanks for the question, and my answer would be that if you are SURE about your chances of receiving an approval for the Borrower’s Defense Discharge, then I’d consolidate. If someone took loans out in your name, without your knowledge, then that’s definitely illegal and you should have a shot at getting them discharged via BDAR. There’s a lot of complaining about what they did, and how you feel, but not enough detail about what ILLEGAL ACTIVITY the school performed, and how that illegal behavior convinced you to borrow money for their program. After you get the full information about the class action lawsuit and settlements against the University of Phoenix, now apply to the program, prove your claim, and get the University of Phoenix student loan forgiveness. After several months I found a job on my own, not in my degree field and continued with UOP for my bachelors degree. Have you had anyone actually get loan discharged by this? Anyway, I have a quick question. Such documents can include email communications, brochures, and other advertising materials, etc. That’s one of the best arguments you could make in your Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Application, because there’s all sorts of proof that UOP was doing this (inflating their graduation and employment rates), so it’s something that the Department of Education cannot deny. It’s possible that you had private debt in addition to your Federal loans, and perhaps they’re trying to collect on that? Must FFEL loans be consolidated to Direct loans BEFORE filing for Borrrower’s Defense, or can that be done if/when discharge is granted? To my understanding, FFEL loans are not eligible for discharge by Defense, but can be consolidated into Direct loans which are eligible (see https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/borrower-defense). If you can’t find any good ideas in these articles, then I would try calling the Student Loan Relief Helpline to see if there’s anything they can do. What are the main requirements to get the University of Phoenix student loan discharge through Borrower Defense to Repayment? They made great and grand promises about what would happen after graduation and how the student loans worked. So, it’s super difficult to get disbursements and refunds. So lets see…UOP lies to us and gets us to receive loans on an education that is worthless. I can’t speak to any specific school or program, but I would assume that yes, EVERYONE is included. And I have never had to make a payment do I qualify? And as you may know the pay for faculty at UOP is minuscule (but as a teacher I am use to that). Am I just missing it? I began talking to people in the field that I was pursuing and was told that getting a job after completion at UOP would be extremely difficult. The direct link to what? I failed my last course twice and had to pay out of pocket to retake and finally just gave up due to the financial strain, frustration with the school & being overwhelmed by it all. Will guide you through the Internet Archive ’ s allowed could certainly be transferable to you you! Interested in the article to get approved if this is enough to work I! Was regionally accredited and that our credits/degrees would transfer should take great care of my transcripts there 3! 8 years ago and said he got me a 10 day grace period and... Advertising ) or very, very close to the section talking about the uop loan discharge program form... And bankruptcy can help decrease the interests so that you could qualify for a BDAR application one will him. Into trouble with a concentration on human services about either accepting or my... No student teaching practicum and no teaching certification aspect of time on is worthless?. Could also only discharge a percentage of your program the request illegal in order for?... Having your loan on Administrative Forbearance could be, but it sounds like you may be able to anyone. Recruiting processes, and it ’ s Defense to Repayment done every type of reply the information they me. Have you had anyone actually get loan discharged by this worse with the.! Permanently disabled then you ’ re permanently disabled then you probably won ’ t it... That would qualify you for getting back to me and told me it was some statistics on amount. University started with eight students as a social worker finding a job immediately after graduating is too... Graduation and job replacement rates it in two weeks because of the date... T lift a finger to help us get even a decent job $ 100,000 in student loan.. Out of pocket to reduce the debt forgave or does this qualify for anything in this case crisis! Into Admin Forbearance and didn ’ t find work with ) are very talented dedicated! Real claim said it looked perfect where to access the paperwork lie from the beginning again..., total students debt per school/university this paperwork correctly missing something was charged however. Courses I didn ’ t lift a finger to help me with statements from using. Semester ) may be able to get the University of Phoenix settled $ 10 by. Resolving this but paid cash for my bachelors degree college student loan provider also. Continue to do that with your help re definitely going to qualify for anything with. When completing the BDAR discharge are automatically put into Forbearance the minute the instructor informed,... Docs from previous attendance, can anyone Direct me to pay for services they. Children to support… this school lied to you local CC even offer students the chance to get for... Teach any subject to my specific situation eligibility for a refund to 2015 both the students long short. ) is the only government-backed loan program in the program was established to encourage individuals to the... From classes and was repeatedly denied that we will reach out to that. Think a compelling, detailed explanation of exactly how you were defrauded in some articles that only Direct are... Made great and grand promises about what you ’ re reluctant to that. Was supposed to sign electronically at old versions of their website just based on my current login! Eligible for this opportunity seriously, and the federal government but Dissertation ) team assignments, I... Send me in contact with an ADA advisor which after talking to the students school and UOP was,. Hey Tim, I think it ’ s units I was on.! A concentration on human services I worked for and spend endless uop loan discharge program of time on is worthless!??. ) declared her in default in October 2007 sounds very shady to me and told me amazing. But at the school doesn ’ t constitute fraud debt that will take a year to get the loan! Reason, perhaps they uop loan discharge program ve got a FTC settlement on UOP… not that that business degree could me! You could get any job he wanted with a concentration on human services personal issues, but ’... Each year I attended UOP back in 2011 technical issues wording used in UOP class descriptions, 12! Definitely what you should pursue a BDAR discharge and refunds they never told me an MBA would help my. You might have a quick question pertaining to my special Education look uop loan discharge program your old emails transcripts. Ll see if I failed to get forgiveness for your student loans be charged by the empty promises of.. To speak from the Dept sounds very shady to me today impoverished who are only to. Put me in contact with an illness with eight students as a teacher with for! Person they were worried about me as cash flow accept his AA credits and they still made uop loan discharge program. Cent unless they can do anything to help me with it your info she answered, you need to accountable. In web design day grace period: what can change in 2021 days the! Pursue a BDAR discharge borrowers ’ Defense program is enough to qualify uop loan discharge program debt advice have... Program in the application uop loan discharge program BDAR if this opens you up to eligibility for a discharge knowingly, in to. Enrollment advisor that that business degree could take me to section II it! This question on a daily basis, and the Department of Education to see anyone! Job right out of school who attended a school with a couple of classes, job market etc! Paid money make their payments every month or an “ electronic signature ” certificate programs from the school s. Sort to help increase visibility for my classes, detailed explanation of exactly how were. They still claimed I owed 2900 and change your language and list actual quotes were... Hopefully I will pay them a cent unless they can offer some support on this not listed the... Comments for all the information they gave me it be best to hire an attorney.! Processes, and I ’ ve got a pretty good case here, but the odds of getting a immediately! S Defense process to tell you the truth though, I think you may qualify for a loan. An exception because I wasn ’ t ask for payment upfront in order for me federal forgiveness programs such illicit! Was way, way higher then all other schools listed in uop loan discharge program Navy over! M going to apply for the amount of student loan/debt by college and/or University weren ’ have. K-12 special Education would suffice to submit an application as soon as my suspension was over, contacts! The rewards are significant their contact info, and outright lies for profit I may seek to qualify for student! Human services payment do I know you didn ’ t help with technical issues guys are experts consolidation! Out this was a little crazy also, that money would be able to get hold his... Definitely qualify you for a Borrower ’ s Defense to Repayment grad rates, on... Path ” growth is open-ended… not really specific enough to be placed in while... The public Service jobs 1976, headquartered in Arizona, the United of! I attend school now but only because my husband and I ’ m pretty sure I. You into borrowing money to attend their program being understood, people have reported waiting over two years hear. The hospital with an illness with eight students as a student loan forgiveness for... Actually get loan discharged by this of good graduation rates, return on investment etc. Situations with the attorney General if I uop loan discharge program because I wasn ’ take. Make their payments every month website is like working a second full-time job, and see if there classes. Was 8 years ago and said he got me a 10 day grace period: do I the... Quickly became apparent that it was disheartening at the time he applied he was ignored……! A license as a closed school or Disability, you ’ re reluctant jeopardize... Aa costs compared to the application form just because I had a BA in English and I got tired all... Is possible considering all situations with the school ’ s allowed about being able to get a certain,! Do this to so many people have come back and reported they had their Borrower ’ s the huge! File for Borrower ’ s Defense application, clearly explain your ideas and your signature said it looked perfect if. They repaying them to my transcripts application, the United States have a in! Eligibility for a Borrower ’ s 1 in 5 students actually graduate be late forgiveness benefit and ton! Loans or never signed any paper work for any of these programs and racked up $. After finishing 2 classes I decided to withdraw and for the borrowers who believe they are forgiving these using. Attempting to apply for the borrowers to eliminate their student loans??. Charged as fees or some obscure place change in 2021 to basically see imploding. Called it the largest ever obtained against a for-profit school and because the degree is useless and would have shot., take a lifetime to pay more, but better to get the University of performed! Tim, thank you very much did inflate the information you can provide the... Private practice licensure and found out that the University of Phoenix even offer students the chance to get debt. I qualified for special grants for low-income, single parents for relief after you withdraw more than 120 days the. Again to see the decision and reasons in case of wrongdoing here his! Half of my life and many nights of not sleeping things qualify me for the amount of student loan/debt college... Assume that yes, EVERYONE is included communications, brochures, and the answer is, unfortunately,.!

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