FDA approved/ECG readers – is this wristware trend the chicken or the egg?

10 Dec

FDA approved/ECG readers – is this wristware trend the chicken or the egg?

That fancy watch on your wrist...is it the Chicken or the Egg?

I’m predicting two things with the new FDA approved heart-rate device, and every other fancy ECG-reader on the wrists of millions, for that matter!
1) Many people will panic unnecessarily thinking they are electrophysiologists, cardiologists or cardiac surgeons and reading/trusting/interpreting the ECG output on their watch!!
2) The detected rhythm will misinterpret or incorrectly detect an abnormal rhythm...also creating unnecessary panic.

Panic=stress which triggers AF. These devices likely trigger what they are intended to “help” provide awareness against...an abnormal rhythm.
Are these devices the chicken or the egg! What comes first...the abnormal rhythm or the panic? What causes the abnormal rhythm - something else, or the panic? Did people panic BEFORE they look at the device? And, is that panic what causes a lot of the abnormal rhythm? Does just wearing these devices cause panic....are people just uber-abnormal-rate-sensitive?? Are they just waiting for this device to detect a problem? In their subconscious - are those who wear and rely on the devices ever really calm?! Who can tell?

What I want to come out with is a “Panic Sensor Device!” After all, panic, stress, and anxiety trigger/cause many heart and health disorders. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a device that took you from stressed to a quiet and peaceful state of mind? For example, as soon as this device detected your anxiety, it had an immediate calming effect on your body and mind.

You can't trademark ideas, but I sure wish I could! I think we need the "Panic Sensor" more than something that reads the end result, which is a rapid heartrate that, in turn, causes more stress and anxiety resulting in a continued, sustained or worsened rapid and irregular beat.

And, how long until the first lawsuit?? It seems it is only a matter of time before these devices are deemed responsible for a misdiagnosis or "pain and suffering..." or some other litigious nightmare.

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