FDA approved/ECG readers – is this wristware trend the chicken or the egg?

10 Dec

FDA approved/ECG readers – is this wristware trend the chicken or the egg?

That fancy watch on your wrist...is it the Chicken or the Egg? I’m predicting two things with the new FDA approved heart-rate device, and every other fancy ECG-reader on the wrists of millions, for that matter! 1) Many people will panic unnecessarily thinking they are electrophysiologists, cardiologists or cardiac surgeons and reading/trusting/interpreting the ECG output […]
4 Nov

Why is stress a major cause of afib?

Stress is linked to so many things, and therefore, is a major cause of afib. Stress is the double whammy of afib. Stress alone triggers afib and stress also triggers certain responses by human beings. What are things people do when they are stressed? They drink alcohol. They smoke cigarettes. They don't sleep well. They […]
27 Oct

Is there an AF diet?

In this series of posts....I will offer a heart-healthy recipe. As you know, diet can either be a cause or trigger of AF, or it can be a cause or trigger of a happy heart. I like the idea of a happy heart myself! It's Fall!! What better way to enjoy Fall than to eat […]
21 Aug

How much water should I drink if I have AFib?

How much water should I drink? If you have afib, knowing how much water you should drink is vitally important. Let's start with the basics on water. Water makes up 60% of your body weight. Even more astounding is your heart is comprised of 70% water. Water can come from simply drinking or it can […]
14 Aug

Is there a cure for afib?

‘Is there a cure for afib?’ is a question we all hope has the right answer. However, afib is the result of lifestyle choices and/or age. Adopting lifestyle changes that do not trigger or cause afib is the best first step in an attempt towards a “cure.” To properly set your expectations, Merriam-Webster has four […]
8 Aug

Can AF go away on its own?

Can AF go away on its own? One of the more common questions people ask is “Can AF go away on its own? After all, the first reactions to AF are fear, anxiety, and worry that we may not survive this pounding, beating heart that seems to want to jump right out of our chest. […]
30 Jul

Is AF deadly?

Is AF deadly? There are aspects of AF that can increase the chance of death. Complications associated with AF can be deadly, such as heart disease, heart failure, as well as many others that increase the chance of death - especially stroke. Today I want to focus on stroke. There is a 5X increased chance […]

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